You are currently viewing OTC (Asia) Art Exhibition curated by Sharon Yong Abdullah

OTC (Asia) Art Exhibition curated by Sharon Yong Abdullah

In the serene confines of OTC (Asia)’s executive lounge, a small and sophisticated event unfolded, weaving together art, generosity, and a touch of competitive spirit. It wasn’t just any silent auction; it was a symphony of creativity and compassion, orchestrated by none other than the talented team at OTC (Asia).

Sharon, the mastermind behind this artistic extravaganza, meticulously curated a collection of mesmerizing artworks, each one a testament to the rich tapestry of Malaysian talent.

But this auction wasn’t just about admiring the strokes of a brush; it was about making a difference. As bids soared higher and higher, each stroke of the pen symbolized a contribution towards a greater cause. Some pieces sparked bidding wars, with silent overbids challenging the previous one.

Of the 47 stunning pieces on display, the generosity of the artists knew no bounds. Some pledged to donate 100% of their earnings, while others opted to share their proceeds, offering 50% or 30% to the cause. Their selflessness added a profound layer of meaning to an already inspiring event.

And who was the lucky beneficiary of this philanthropic spectacle? None other than ANGSANAcare, an organization dedicated to restoring dignity to the lives of the most vulnerable children in Malaysia. Through this exhibition, not only did they receive much-needed funds, but they also gained invaluable exposure, shining a spotlight on their noble cause.

ANGSANAcare’s paediatric beneficiaries shout out a heartfelt thank you to OTC (Asia) for their unwavering support and commitment to the community. By choosing ANGSANAcare as their Community Partner, OTC (Asia) has demonstrated that business and benevolence can indeed go hand in hand, leaving a lasting impact on hearts and minds alike.

As the curtains close on this remarkable event, the echoes of generosity and camaraderie linger, a reminder that when art and altruism unite, magic happens. Here’s to OTC (Asia), the artists, and ANGSANAcare, for proving that together, we can paint a brighter future for all.

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