Our Work

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ANGSANAcare currently has two main programmes of activity:

Psychological intervention, music and art therapy specifically for paediatric patients and holistic therapy for their families.

Professional play, art and music therapy.

ANGSANAcare’s services extend to the entire family, where possible.

Our Clinical Psychologist assesses and supports the emotional needs of the children in our care. These patients live with excessive fear, stress and uncertainty. Whilst their doctors and families concentrate on supporting their medical needs, their emotional well-being is often given a lesser priority. ANGSANAcare also provides play, art and music therapy to the children, with the aim of facilitating enjoyment and peace for some, as it may be in their last days. Studies prove that these therapies not only allow children to express themselves more freely, they also successfully aid in the reduction of their physical pain. The art and music therapy we provide helps them to focus their minds elsewhere whilst simultaneously creating an outlet for their fragile emotions.

With limited resources and the burden of care, the patient’s family dynamics can suffer. Due to physical and emotional fatigue, parents’ marriages can fail and siblings are often left to fend for themselves. This results in guilt and grief for the patient. ANGSANAcare’s services extend to the entire family. Through counselling, music and physical therapies we aim to help ease their collective suffering.