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Our therapists have been working with a 13 yr old girl who’s been severely ill. Her spirits were badly in need of some uplifting, if she were to agree to continue with medical treatment. Her family mentioned that she was always excited about makeup and learning how to apply it correctly. Wycon Malaysia agreed immediately to help out and make the experience a special one for this young girl. They put up with all the cancellations and postponements, understanding that finding a good day when the patient felt well enough was vital. When Haritha Shan and Jessie Yap of Wycon were finally able to see her, the patient was lively (as much as can be expected of someone so ill) and very eager to learn. Haritha knew exactly what to do and how to instruct this 13 yr old so that the session was interesting and informative. Wycon Malaysia also presented our patient with a gift pack of make up. The products were perfect as they are made with natural ingredients and very gentle on the skin.

A very big thank you from all of us at ANGSANAcare to @haritha Shan and @Wycon Malaysia!