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Na’im’s Recovery Flight

Meet Na’im! This young man is ANGSANAcare’s newest young hero. A year ago, when he was 14, Na’im was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia and underwent prolonged treatment in the IPHKL. He was admitted for months on end and in the ICU for 6 weeks during which, there was little hope for his survival. However, he made it through the intensive treatment but lost the will to keep going, feeling weak and despondent. It was very important for his recovery that Na’im started the physiotherapy that he was refusing and begin walking. It was then that Doctor Teh, who was treating Na’im asked for ANGSANAcare to step in. Our Clinical psychologist, Ms Thang worked with him and during one of his therapy sessions, asked him what he would most want, if he could have it. Na’im replied that he had never been on a plane and would like to fly. Ms Thang, using this as an incentive, promised Na’im that ANGSANAcare would send him on a plane trip. However, he was told, that to board a flight, he would have to walk to the plane. From then, Na’im willed himself better and under the guidance of the ANGSANAcare therapist, went for physiotherapy and built up physical as well as emotional strength. He was determined to fly. And fly, he did! Na’im and his Mum went to Penang and enjoyed a holiday together. His mother, Norhayati, had a well-deserved break too.

This is Na’im pictured here, receiving his air tickets and hotel accommodation and next with the crew of Air Asia, who teared when they heard his story. Na’im and his Mum boarded the flight to Penang on the 12th of July 2016, settled into their seats and were surprised to hear the Captain announce that they had a special guest on board, welcomed him, and wished him well.