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MONEY & ME. A Programme for Youth Financial Empowerment. The Edge Education Foundation together with Citi Foundation provide a free financial literacy programme to equip low and lower-middle income youth with financial literacy skills. At the end of their 6 month training, there are group activities and small business projects, teaching teamwork and collaboration. Many of these wonderful 16 year olds not only donated all of their earnings to Charity, they also threw in all the balance of their seed money! Of the 4 NGOs selected, the largest portion was donated to ANGSANAcare as our cause resonated most with the youth. All the best to these bright and generous young people in their future! And many, many thanks to the kids, the Organisers, their partners and the volunteers. #theedgeeducationfoundation #wecare #citifoundation #angsanacareorg #nolimits