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Mindfulness for Medical Professionals

Happy 2020 everyone!

We, at ANGSANAcare had our first workshop for the year. We wanted to do something in return for the doctors that we work with at WCH (GHKL), who so tirelessly strive with little regard for their own mental and physical wellbeing, helping the ones that need their care and expertise.

This morning’s workshop, Mindfulness for Medical Professionals was conducted by Noelle Lim who trained with the University of Oxford (Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Psychiatry Department and very kindly volunteered to run this. She currently also works at the radio station, BFM.

The 2.5 hr workshop aimed to create awareness on how to;

– practise selfcare at any time or place.

– respond skillfully to triggers, troubling thoughts, emotions and physical pain

– step out of the automatic, to decenter and take an alternative view

– regulate our emotions and tap into our inner wisdom

– regulate our attention to stay focused and let creativity flourish

We are pleased to say that the session was well received! A big thank you to Noelle and to all the professionals who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend. We hope to have more such sessions going forward.