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Bringing a Birthday to Life

ANGSANAcare organized a heartfelt birthday celebration for a 14-year-old leukemia patient at University Hospital, Malaysia. This young boy has faced significant adversity, having lost his mother at the tender age of 3. He and his father navigate life together, devoid of extended family or close friends.

The compassionate team at ANGSANAcare spared no effort in making the day truly special. They showered him with three thoughtful gifts, adorned the ward with festive party hats, filled the air with cheerful songs, and provided ample food for everyone present. The atmosphere was charged with positivity as patients and their families embraced the celebration, indulging in the treats and sharing in the joy. The young patient insisted on sharing everything he had

Witnessing the sparkle in the eyes of the birthday boy and the contagious happiness that spread among the children left us profoundly fulfilled. Happy Birthday once again, young man! Your resilience and generosity inspire us all.

The team heading out to host a party in the wards!